What can digital printing do for me?

Digital printing is a method of printing from digital images directly to a wide range of media. These prints are done large-format and/or high-volume inkjet or laser printers.

While digital printing is more expensive than traditional methods such as lithography, flexography etc., the savings in labor and the adaptability of digital printing as well as the ever-increasing capabilities of digital printing is becoming more and more popular as time passes.

But, compared to using physical methods in traditional printing, using Inkjet or Laser printers from digital printing may result in a slight loss of detail in the picture. By using large format printing/digital printing, you can print onto paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, metal, marble and more substances.

Applications of Digital printing:

  1. Desktop publishing

  2. Variable data printing

  3. Fine art

  4. Print on demand

  5. Advertising

  6. Photos

  7. Architectural designs

These are just the surface of what you are capable of doing by choosing large format printing over the more traditional methods – production is faster, more efficient and requires less labor to produce. This format is essentially replacing all other types of printing.

Traditional printing is also more expensive as compared to the modern-day digi-prints, making it a better choice overall.

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